Kalyani Behera, a resilient 23-year-old from Ramachandra Pur Bazar, Jatni, faced countless challenges growing up in poverty. Despite her family’s financial struggles, her desire for education never faded, and she held onto her dream of education. Becoming the first in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree marked a significant milestone. Tragically, the loss of her father a year ago left her heartbroken and uncertain about the future. Yet, with the unwavering support of her family, Kalyani pressed on, determined to change their circumstances.

Her mother took the responsibility of a family of 7 on her shoulders and started working at a fish shop. Learning about the Lighthouse program gave Kalyani hope to uplift her family’s financial situation.

Through the foundation course, Kalyani discovered her strengths and honed her skills. Overcoming fears and stress, she embarked on a journey towards self-improvement. With the guidance of the Lighthouse team, Kalyani secured a job as a Customer Service Executive at Innospree Solutions Pvt. Ltd., tripling her family’s monthly income. Her aspirations extend beyond financial stability; she dreams of building a better life for her family.