Sangita Rajbhar, a 33-year-old from a Pimpri slum, faced adversity after losing her husband to COVID-19, leaving her as the sole provider for her two children. With her father working as a farmer and her mother a homemaker, Sangita’s life took a challenging turn. Despite completing her Higher Secondary School (HSC) in 2011, she lacked crucial documents to access government benefits, and support was scarce.
This was when she first learned of the Lighthouse program and decided to join the “Umed Jagar” Foundation Course. Becoming part of Lighthouse not only rekindled her hope and determination but also assisted her in obtaining the required documentation to access government scheme benefits.
Sangita’s journey didn’t stop there. The foundation course instilled self-belief and confidence, while the Digital Empowerment Course elevated her skills, enabling her to utilize social media platforms and online services for government schemes.
On February 1, 2023, Sangita bagged a job and started working as a security guard at City One Mall in Pimpri. With this, she became the sole earner for her family.
Her story underscores the power of resilience, support, and education in conquering life’s challenges. Sangita Rajbhar, you are a true inspiration!