Kabita, a determined 25-year-old from Kudiari, Jatni, understands hardship well. Living in a rented house with her parents and brother, Kabita’s family has faced financial struggles. Her father, a daily laborer, and mother, a homemaker, have tirelessly strived to provide for their children. Despite their limitations, they prioritized Kabita’s education, and she proudly completed her Bachelor of Arts in 2020. Though they couldn’t afford further education, their unwavering support for Kabita’s dreams remained.

During a community outreach program, Kabita learned about Jatni Lighthouse. Here, the “Rope” activity wasn’t just about teamwork but building her confidence. Trainers became mentors, equipping her with computer skills and interview confidence.

In March 2024, her dedication was rewarded. The Logistics Skilling Course led to a job as a Customer Care Executive, doubling her family’s income. With tears of joy replacing worry lines, a weight lifts from her family. The corporate world awaits, and with it, the chance to secure her family’s future and fulfill her dreams.