It has never been easy for a person belonging to the LGBTQ community in our country. Rejected from their home and society, they could not complete their education and ended up begging or in low paying jobs. Some dared to break the shackle of the structured societal norms and taboos. They want to take it to the stage for being themselves, irrespective of what got thrown their way. Therefore Lighthouse started a special batch for the LGBTQ community, the first of its kind. Twelve youths joined the course, and to our amazement, all 12 candidates bagged jobs where they could work with dignity. Ten were placed in the Tax Department of PCMC and two in Big Basket as Customer Care Executives.
Each shared their rejection story of how they were left on the road or asked to leave home. While few were accepted, their family was ashamed of them and never involved them on any occasion. Tired and frustrated, they left home. They begged here and there and somehow survived.
This batch was very special to us. We saw how they converted this rejection into self-acceptance.
During the course, they mentioned, “This is the first place where someone is listening to us and giving us respect and love without any expectations. We do not remember the last time people heard and understood us.
Lighthouse is the only place where we receive love without any discrimination. These 44 hrs are the most beautiful moments of our life.”
Apart from self-acceptance, the major challenge was Digital literacy; despite all the challenges, they did well, and we are very proud of each of them. It is such a happy moment to see them working in their respective jobs. Things have begun to look up a little with more awareness and inclusive attitudes among the people, but it wasn’t always the case.