Smita Dhulaji Barve has always been a hardworking girl, but life has not been easy for her. Losing her mother in 11th grade was a major setback, but she did not let it deter her from pursuing her dreams. With the help of her father, grandmother and brother, she  completed her BSc in Computer Science and enrolled in the Java course at the Bhavani Peth Lighthouse in Pune.

The Foundation course helped her not only learn how to make an effective resume, but also how to communicate with others. As a naturally shy girl, this was a big step for her, and she was grateful for the support and encouragement of her friends at the Lighthouse.

After completing the Java course, Smita was determined to find a job in her dream company, Infosys. She applied and was recruited as an Operations Executive in March 2020. She was thrilled to be working for Infosys, and her hard work and dedication paid off when she was recently promoted to System Engineer.

Smita is not one to rest on her laurels, though. She has her sights set on becoming a Team Lead in the future, and she knows that with hard work and dedication, she can achieve that goal as well.