Gender equality is a crucial issue that needs to be addressed in today’s world. This was the topic of discussion at the super session held at the Gokhale Institute, Pune on 05 April, 2023. Anita Bhatia, Deputy Executive Director for United Nations Coordination, Partnerships, Resources and Sustainability, shared her experiences from around the world, shedding light on the current state of gender equality. The moderator of the session, Dr Ganesh Natrajan, Chairman, Lighthouse Communities, led the discussion on the need for gender equality.
The Lighthouse Communities Foundation also participated actively in the event. Anita Bhatia has had an illustrious career at the World Bank Group, where she served in various senior leadership and management positions, both at Headquarters and in the field. She has extensive experience in the areas of strategic partnerships, resource mobilization and management, and has developed and expanded innovative partnerships to support gender equality and other priorities critical for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Gender equality is crucial because it ensures that everyone, regardless of gender, has equal opportunities and rights. When gender equality is achieved, it promotes social and economic development and leads to a more peaceful and just world. It is important to continue discussions and take action to promote gender equality in every corner of the world.