Ruby, a young woman from a small village in Bihar, is a story of resilience and determination. Her family, including her parents and two younger siblings, moved to Delhi to provide their children with better education. Her father worked as an auto-driver, while her mother took up sewing to supplement the family’s income. Despite the financial challenges they faced, Ruby was dedicated to her studies and her future. She enrolled in IGNOU University to study English honors and found a home at DSEU-Lighthouse, Kalkaji, a place where she could learn, grow, and pursue her dreams.
At Lighthouse, Ruby developed her soft skills and was given the opportunity to intern as a spoken English trainer. This internship was a turning point in her life and helped her hone her skills and gain valuable experience. She also had the chance to explore her passion for languages and started learning Korean. Her hard work and dedication eventually led to a job as a Medical Representative, where she could use her skills and knowledge to help others and contribute to her family’s income.
Ruby is grateful for the opportunities she has been given and is determined to continue working hard to achieve her dreams. She has set her sights on pursuing a master’s degree in English and becoming an English teacher, and she has a dream of traveling abroad. With her unwavering determination and her passion for learning, there is no doubt that Ruby will achieve her goals and build a bright future for herself and her family.