Aasiya, a former student of Lighthouse, who now works as an Outreach Support cum Data Executive at Lighthouse Communities Foundation. Today, we celebrate her 4th work anniversary with heartfelt congratulations.

From an early age, Aasiya’s family struggled with poverty, living in a tiny 10×10 room with 13 people. Despite the difficulties, she held on to her dreams and believed in the power of hard work to transform her life.

At just ten years old, Aasiya began working as a domestic helper while studying because she believed that education was the key to success. Her passion for helping others blossomed, and she found immense satisfaction in making a positive difference in their lives.
There were times when food was scarce and living conditions were tough, but Aasiya persevered, taking on various jobs, including marketing, data entry, salesgirl, and office assistant, among others, to provide for her family and pay for her sisters’ weddings.

After completing her graduation, Aasiya struggled to find a job that matched her skills until she discovered Bhavani Peth Lighthouse. She enrolled in Foundation and Office Administration courses, which boosted her confidence and communication skills, eventually landing her a job at the LCF. Her work there fulfilled her passion for helping others, and she even had the opportunity to represent India in Washington, Maryland. Along with her role in the Lighthouse program, Aasiya has also been a member of the Youth Advisory Group of GOYN [Global Opportunity Youth Network]. a global initiative anchored in Pune by Lighthouse Communities Foundation. Aasiya has excelled in her role as a YAG member and also implemented a project for women completing high school education under GOYN’s Youth Innovation Projects. She mobilized more than 150 women under her project last year. Aasiya continues to contribute to the GOYN program as well.

During the lockdown, Aasiya continued to help others and found great satisfaction in making a positive impact on her community. Unfortunately, on July 16th, she faced an unexpected challenge when her kidneys failed. Despite starting dialysis on July 24th and requiring regular treatments three times a week, Aasiya remains determined to fight this illness and continue working for her community and family.

Aasiya’s life has taken a sudden turn, but she remains unbroken in spirit and continues to be an inspiration to others. Although some of her dreams remain unfulfilled, she remains committed to living a life of purpose and making a positive difference in the world. With the support of her organization and colleagues, Aasiya will undoubtedly emerge stronger than ever before.