On January 21st, IDFC FIRST Bank organised a transformative webinar on the art of “Working on the Business, not in the Business.” Led by Anand Desai, CEO and Founder of Dheya Career Mentors, the webinar was a treasure trove of valuable insights on strategically and effectively running your business. Mr. Desai’s real-life examples showed us that true scalability comes from letting go of micromanagement and embracing self-driven processes. He encouraged Junoonis to think creatively about how to design their businesses for maximum efficiency and impact, pushing us to reach beyond our limits.
Shardha and Jabeen, both founders of their businesses under our program, had their doubts on offering discounts on products and services cleared up with relevant examples. Mr. Desai taught us that discounts can be offered at different levels, allowing customers to choose the suitable service/product as per their requirements.
Thank you, Mr. Desai, for your valuable guidance! Your words of wisdom will undoubtedly inspire us to strive for success and reach new heights in our entrepreneurial journey.