Ashwini’s life has been a tumultuous journey, one filled with unimaginable pain and heartache. At the tender age of 18, she entered into marriage, and soon after, she became a mother to two beautiful boys. Life seemed perfect, but little did she know that fate had something else in store for her.
Her world came crashing down when her elder son was diagnosed with kidney cancer at the tender age of three. In the last three years, she has seen her son undergo nine chemotherapy sessions and lose one kidney in the process. Her husband, unable to accept the harsh reality of their son’s condition, has been left in a state of mental trauma. This has resulted in him refusing to work, leaving Ashwini alone to fend for herself and her family.
Determined not to let her circumstances break her, Ashwini borrowed a sewing kit from her neighbors to keep her family afloat. But her neighbors’ jealousy knew no bounds, and they soon took away the kit. Undeterred, Ashwini saved every penny she could and eventually purchased her own sewing machine, having paid the entire amount in installments.

Despite her son’s continuing health issues, Ashwini remains resolute and hopeful. Her son’s immune system remains weak, and he has recently sustained a fracture in his hand. Furthermore, a black spot has developed in his eye, affecting his vision. Ashwini knows her son will have to undergo another surgery soon.

She joined Janta Vasahat Lighthouse and enrolled in a Foundation Course, which gave her the courage to pursue her dreams.
Now, Ashwini is learning new skills and has enrolled in a Basic and Advance Beauty Parlour course. She used to see her life struggles as obstacles, but the Foundation Course taught her to see them as diamonds in her life, a source of inspiration. She learned that it is never too late to start anew and prioritize herself. Ashwini continues to face new challenges every day, with her son’s immune system weak and a new complication with his eye that requires surgery.

But Ashwini remains unbreakable. She has faced every obstacle with grace and determination, never giving up on her family or herself. We wish her all the best for her future endeavors, and we know that she will continue to shine brightly and provide strength to those around her. Her determination and resilience are a true inspiration to us all.