Nilesh, is a resident of Ghorpadi gaon, Vikas Nagar who lives with his family. Due to the circumstances at home he could not continue with his education. After passing his 12th grade he began working as a tele-caller but could not continue due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Nilesh was unable to find a new job and this brought a lot of difficulties to his family. His educational qualification and lack of skills in the digital medium created major hindrances. He came across the Digital Empowerment course through the mobilisation process in the community.

During the Digital Empowerment course, Nilesh got introduced to the online platforms for the very first time. He learnt the basics to having a proper digital presence. During a session, he got to know how the online platform can help in self-employment and earn a steady income.

“I was never aware of the opportunities available on the internet. The Digital Empowerment course has helped me ease my day-to-day life but, most importantly, helped me earn enough to support my family.”- Nilesh

Nilesh got the knowledge of PMC’s scheme for self-employment through one of the classes and saw this as an opportunity to begin his business. He enrolled for an online self-employment training session after which he applied for a shop act licence. Today, he owns a dosa centre in Vikas Nagar with an income to lead a comfortable life.

The Digital Empowerment program gives individuals from underprivileged communities to leverage the internet to improve the quality of their day-to-day life. The components of the Digital Empowerment curriculum focus on the ability to search on the internet, utilize e-Services, undertake cashless transactions and have a digital presence.