24-year-old Harish bagged his first project as a Freelancer!
Harish was born and raised in some of the most challenging conditions in Pune. His father was a daily wage painter and didn’t earn enough for the family of five. Lately, his elder brother has been the only bread-earner for the family. Recently his sister got married and shifted to the Dombivali area in Mumbai. Harish also moved with his sister for his higher education. He is pursuing Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA).
He always wanted to be an Entrepreneur and do something in Digital Marketing. From a friend, Harish heard about the “Lighthouse Communities Foundation,” and instantly, he knew this was the only opportunity to fulfill his dream. Harish visited the nearby Lighthouse (Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation- KDMC). He was amused and thrilled to see such a huge, fully equipped and beautiful place to study. He enrolled in the Foundation Course. Following his passion, he further registered in the Digital Earner course, where he learned about digital marketing, advertising, and customer segmentation. With his newly acquired skills, he is set to start his organic milk business, “Organic Cows”. Harish now spends most of his time designing collaterals for his business. Harish learned to design business collaterals such as brochures, posters, and pamphlets for advertising during the Digital Earner course. While doing market research for his business, he parallelly joined a freelancing portal to polish his designing skills. A German-based company contacted him through the Freelancing portal. He earned 10 USD (800 INR) for designing advertising brochures for them. Isn’t that great? We wish him the best in his future endeavor.
Here is a glimpse of his work: