On March 31, 2023, Junoon EDP launched its 4th Cohort in Pimpri with the support of IDFC FIRST Bank, offering a Business Basic Skill Training program led by Ninad Deshpande and Anand Desai from Dheya. The program shortlisted 12 candidates from various trades, including home chefs and human resources, and covered important topics like business registration, marketing, fund management, and more.
During the program, participants engaged in a kite factory business simulation that taught them how to plan, manufacture, cost, market, sell, and build a profitable income. They also had the chance to discuss their businesses and goals and hear from a successful entrepreneur from a previous cohort.
The program received positive feedback from participants, who praised the interactive and activity-based approach, gaining new insights into business basics and skills. Priyanka Bhosale, owner of Dryfruit Sweet, found the training helpful for costing and marketing for her business. Swati Hule from Annapurna Gruh Udyog found the practical and hands-on training valuable, allowing her to apply the concepts to her business ideas. The program has proven to be a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs, thanks to the support of IDFC FIRST Bank.