During Vallabh Chitnis’s group mentoring session on December 30th, the focus was on improving the quality of products and services. Our Junoonis from the current cohort were eager to learn the difference between a product and a service, and were able to classify their own enterprises accordingly.
Vandana Pagar, one of the Junoonis confidently shared that she charges more than her competitors due to the quality assurance she guarantees her clients. She always uses standard and branded raw material and even invites her clients to her kitchen to see the materials for themselves.
To improve quality, the mentor provided some pointers for the cohort to practice, such as understanding customer needs, treating customers with respect, quickly and accurately responding to inquiries, using customer feedback to make improvements, providing a friendly and efficient experience, ensuring customer-facing staff are familiar with all services, being honest about their offerings, and constantly looking for ways to optimize their services.
The cohort was enthusiastic about using the continuous quality improvement mantra of “PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT” to improve the quality of their products and services. They were inspired to make their products and services more customer-centric.