Nestled amidst the vibrant and bustling Kalkaji slum community, the DSEU Lighthouse shines bright as a hope and opportunity for the students who walk through its doors. The Lighthouse celebrated its first anniversary on March 9, 2023, marking a year of remarkable success and achievement.
The Lighthouse’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, enrolling over 900 students in just a year and instilling hope and opportunities for the community’s underserved youth. With over 200 successful student placements, including the highest monthly salary of Rs. 25000, the Lighthouse is creating a brighter future for the students and their families.
The occasion was a momentous one, with the virtual presence of Director and CEO Ms. Ruchi Mathur and National Program Head Ms. Amruta, who shared the joy and triumph of the students and staff members. The celebration was marked with a ceremonious cake-cutting and a soul-stirring musical performance by the Manzil Mystic Foundation, encapsulating the spirit of hope and possibility that the Lighthouse embodies.