We had the immense pleasure of hosting Mr. John Alex, CSR Head, ED & CEO of Equitas Holding Ltd, along with his team, Sangram Patil – CSR Manager, and Mrs. Madhuri – CSR Executive, at Pimpri Lighthouse on 16 September 2020.

John got an opportunity to interact with two groups: Umed Jagar (Hope Giver- a group of women widowed by Covid-19) and recently passed students from the LGBT community. John gave them career guidance and narrated motivational stories and experiences with the students. Students from the LGBT community shared their Lighthouse transformational journey, hearing which John was inspired. He shared that these people are themselves an inspiration to the world. Further, he added, “Never lose your passion for achieving your dreams, And when your dreams come true, do not forget about your friends, family, community, and the nation.”

On the upcoming “Joy of Giving Week” occasion, Equitas Small Finance Bank spreaded joy by providing a grocery kit to each member.

We express our deepest gratitude to Mr. John Alex and his team for their visit and thank them for the partnership between Lighthouse Communities Foundation and Equitas Small Finance Bank.