Lighthouse, Bhubaneswar had the immense pleasure of hosting Shri Reghu G, IAS, Director of Industries, Government of Odisha and Shri. Pinaki Patnaik (Additional Secretary to Government -cum- OSD to Chairman, Odisha Skill Development Authority) on 15th September 2022.
The dignitaries interacted with the Lighthouse Communities Foundation (LCF) Team to understand the Lighthouse Model, the various stages of the programme, and the impact it leaves on the youths.
They also took time to interact with the youths to understand their aspirations, dreams, and plans for the future post completing the curriculum at the Lighthouse. They addressed the youths and advised them of the need to use the knowledge and skills gained at the centre in securing a job and in furthering their prospects for a better career.
We are grateful to both of them for taking time out of their busy schedule to visit the Lighthouse and even explore the prospect of scaling the model to other regions.